The way back

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We’ve been making our way east towards Seattle since yesterday afternoon, which has left plenty of time for preliminary data analysis and lab clean-up, not to mention ping pong and movies (last night we had the obligatory viewing of The Life Aquatic). At the rate we’re going we would arrive home much too early, so we’re planning two more days of data collection, even though there’s no more stormy weather on the forecast.

While processing the stereo imagery, I came across the following plot which I thought worthy of posting. On the left, it shows a still frame from one of the roughest days so far, taken from the left stereo camera. The middle panel is the result of matching this image with the corresponding right camera frame, and shows the distance of each pixel from the camera. The main signal is that of the tilted, but mostly flat, sea surface. There is some visible waviness, but it doesn’t really come out until the last step, after making the transformation to surface elevation. This is shown in the right panel, where the steep crests of the whitecaps are clearly visible. Pretty cool stuff.

– Mike


3 thoughts on “The way back

  1. Donald Schwendeman

    Mike. Thanks for posting this information. Mom and I have been reading your entries with interest. Thanks for taking the time to write them. Hope your last day or so at sea go well.



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