On The Move

Current Location: 49° 35′ N, 139° 17′ W

We have been in transit to Station Papa since Saturday afternoon, and are projecting our arrival on site for early tomorrow morning. Transit days can be rather boring, but this down time has given me the chance to look over some of the video from Saturday. I am excited that even in these early stages of analysis, the data quality looks fantastic.

The science crew spend most our work time in the main lab. Below is a photo of the lab area. Note the obligatory ping pong table in the foreground. I do sometimes find it difficult to work when I could just play ping pong instead. And yes, it does add a new challenge to the game that the boat is constantly rolling with the waves.

The next picture shows my workspace. I like to think that one’s importance can be seen in the number of screens at his or her desk. The general topic of my PhD is on measuring waves with ship-based video. Therefore my role on this cruise is as the camera guy. During data collection, I am hovering around these displays as the video frames come in, checking that the cameras are operating and tweaking the settings as needed. In the meantime, I have been trying to get a jump on processing the video. Uncompressed video is notoriously costly in terms of storage — we are anticipating producing nearly 4 terrabytes (4000 gigs!) of video during this cruise. Which reminds, me I better get back to that. More to come.

– Mike



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