Test, test…

Current Location: 48° 38′ N, 126°, 59′ W

Having spent most of yesterday and all of last night traveling “full steam ahead” at roughly 12 knots, we have already exited Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca and have made it to the Pacific Ocean, completely out of sight of all land.

I had forgotten just how slow the internet is on the ship. Satellite data services are expensive, unless you are just passively receiving data (as in satellite television, radio, or GPS). Therefore, internet bandwidth is extremely limited on the ship, and email is much less costly than using a web browser.

Fortunately, wordpress (the platform for this blog), allows me to post to the blog via email, so I am currently putting this feature to test. Unfortunately, even email can be slow if it contains attachments like photos or videos, so I will have to be stingy with those until we get on dry land. But for now, here is one photo from our departure, showing our farewell party at the Ballard locks.

Thanks to everyone who came to see us off!

– Mike



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