Heading out

I wish I could think of some grand poetic sentiment about the open ocean and the thirst for adventure and all that, because this would be where I would put it. Instead, I will simply say that I am very excited to be heading out tomorrow morning. Mentally, this trip seemed to sneak up on me, despite getting put on my calendar several months ago (not to mention the fact that it’s pretty important for my research).  In a later post I’ll detail all that has been going on for me in terms of educational progress since my last writing, just know that I was pretty busy in the lead-up to all this.

Anyway, I am now sitting in my room, looking over my suitcases as I prepare to head back to the ship.  I’ll spend the night onboard with everyone else, and we shove off promptly tomorrow at 9 am (after breakfast and a safety briefing).  I have over-packed in the extreme, even though my previous experience tells me that I could probably wear the same clothes for 18 straight days without anyone saying a word to me.  Among my gear is all manner of time-wasters: books, games, toys, guitars, etc.  Most of this will be completely unnecessary I’m sure — there’s plenty of more productive ways to spend my time at sea. But just in case.

To finish off, I wanted to post a few photos I took today while prepping on the ship.  I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do with pictures once we leave, so here’s a little sample of what things look like onboard.


Looking at the R/V (that stands for Research Vessel) Thomas G. Thompson from the dock at UW.


Looking towards the I-5 bridge over Portage Bay from the starboard quarter.

stern view.

View from the stern. Note all the orange line, there’s roughly 4000 meters of all that (the water depth at Station Papa).


Joe Talbert spooling the mooring line onto the main winch.


My cabin in the bowels of the ship. I share a bathroom with another of the science crew, but have the bunk bed to myself.


Tomorrow’s the day. All aboard to Ocean Station Papa!



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