The Grand (Data-collecting) Finale

Today was in all likelihood our last day of measurements before returning to San Diego. It was also our best day of the trip, with wave heights around 4 meters and winds peaking above 30 knots. Now, note that prior to all this we would not necessarily have considered this day that remarkable in terms of North Pacific storms. Finding 30 knot winds in October in the North Pacific should not have been akin to tornado-hunting, but somehow it became that way. In the end, we got what we were looking for: a range of conditions. We didn’t get the very upper range, but after feeling the ship shudder under the impact of some of today’s waves, I’m not sure that would have been too fun. Anyway, there are some great videos from the recovery of the buoys that I’ll post back on dry land, but for now I’ll just hit you with a couple still shots.

(Photo from Mike Ohmart)

(Photo from Jim Thomson)

– Mike



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