It’s What’s for Dinner

Don’t miss Sunday dinner on the New Horizon:

Not pictured: cheesecake for dessert. Before the cruise, one of the most common questions I heard was about the food. I have been amazed at some of the meals we’ve been fed in the last couple weeks. Our senior cook, Ed Lagrasso, has worked for Scripps for 26 years, and word from the crew is that he’s the best. One of the coolest things is how well everything has stayed fresh (almost nothing is frozen), considering I’m lucky if I can keep a bag salad from wilting for more than a week. Ed claims that this is due to the sweet refrigerator onboard the ship. For produce, he says that 30 days is about the max freshness duration, so we’ll be eating well right to the end of the cruise.

Ok, so steak and rack of lamb is a special dinner. A standard day goes something like this:
Breakfast: Eggs, omelets, bacon, sausage, pancakes, french toast, hash browns, fresh fruit, oatmeal, cereal. Basically whatever you want.
Lunch: Usually of the “comfort food” variety, maybe grilled cheese or other sandwiches, burgers or hot dogs, soup, salad, etc.
Dinner: A serious meal. Italian, mexican, seafood, meat and potatoes, all well represented.

Oh yeah, and the desserts are awesome. Weight gain to be reported later.

– Mike


2 thoughts on “It’s What’s for Dinner

  1. Don Schwendeman

    Do I see a bit of mint jelly next to the lamb? I’m not a big fan of that on my rack of lamb, but your Grandpa would argue that the green stuff is a must.



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