A steel case of emotion

The weather has been a constant source of consternation for us scientists here on the ship. It’s been too nice. Now eight days into our voyage, we’ve barely cracked wind speeds above 15 knots for the past 4 days, and the forecast is looking like more of the same (damn you high pressure systems!). For most people at sea, this would be a great streak of luck. When you’re looking for waves, though, the wind is your friend. You know how you can make sure it won’t rain by taking your umbrella with you? That’s what this feels like, on a much larger scale. We’re arriving at Station Papa in about a day (current coordinates 48’37” N, 142’32” W) so we still have some time to find the nasty stuff, but everyone’s a little on edge. Yesterday we decided to pause and take few hours of data, only to have what little wind was there fizzle out. There are a few things that calm conditions are good for, like picking up and redeploying our Waverider floats out at the station, so we’re trying to get that stuff out of the way while we can. Nothing else to do but wait.

– Mike



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