More Cast of Characters

Between the crew of the New Horizon and a couple more APL folks, we’ve added a few VIPs to the cruise. I thought I’d do a short post to help you put names to some of the faces you’ll be seeing in photos to come.

Stephanie Downey (APL, part-time tech): Stephanie joined our lab group part-time around 2 years ago. She previously worked for the Victoria Clipper (a high-speed ferry from Seattle to Victoria) and will be applying to UW to finish her undergraduate degree next fall.

Mike Ohmart (APL, field engineer): Mike comes to us via the lab group of Eric D’Asaro, another researcher at APL. Eric and Jim have collaborated on a few occasions in recent years. Mike is along to help us recover one of Eric’s specialized, neutrally-buoyant, drifters that was previously deployed near Station Papa. He’s also been great to have as a fount of bonus technical knowledge.

Woody Sutherland (Scripps, resident technician): Woody came with the ship, so to speak. He works at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, specifically to aid in cruises onboard their ships (New Horizon is only one of four total). He is able to help us with ship questions, as well as to advise on more general technical and marine issues.

Captain Ian Lawrence: Captain Ian is the boss. Although the actual driving of the ship is done in shifts, Captain Ian is in charge of setting our course, and he’s consulted on most matters of scheduling. He’ll also be the one telling us what we cannot do if things get too rough. From what Jim has told me, ship captains are known to often be aloof and detached on these sorts of cruises, but Captain Ian has been very friendly, social, and generally chill about everything.

– Mike



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