Ocean rhythms

The past two days have been spent mostly chugging along towards Station Papa. For reference, our current coordinates are 37′ 13″ N and 124′ 30″W. We’ve seen remarkably calm wind conditions, which means most of the waves we’re feeling have propagated from far away. This is called “swell,” which is a very good description of what it’s like to travel on top of it. Waves tend to lengthen as they age, so swell sort of feels like driving on a hilly road. You get used to the feeling of slow up and down motion as you walk through the ship or lie down to sleep. When you’re making a sensitive movement, like lifting one foot to wash it in the shower, you learn to be aware of whether the ship is in the crest or trough of the swell. We’ve been playing a lot of slow music in the ship’s lab, I think because that’s just how you feel when you’re cruising along on swell. Hopefully we’ll cross through some higher winds in the days to come or this will be a really chill 20 days!

– Mike



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