First Look at the New Horizon

I arrived last night in San Diego, a few hours later everyone else in the group. This morning we began loading our gear onto the R/V New Horizon at the Nimitz Marine Facility, part of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, near the mouth of San Diego Bay. Our shipping container made the trip safely, and, despite a few holdups and some improvisation, we made good progress on the mobilization. I have to get some sleep so I won’t write much more, but here are a few pictures from this morning:

Arriving at the dock. First look at the ship.

A more majestic view of the ship. Foggy morning.

All our gear.

Alex stringing cable along the mast for the cameras.

Looking out at the bay.

Spooling 4200 meters (2.6 miles) of line onto the ship winch.

Joe manning the winch controls.

Nearly full view of the ship. San Diego is a sunny place.

– Mike



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