Mike At Sea

Shipping Out


Our shipping container of supplies and instruments left the lab yesterday on a truck headed for San Diego. Everyone is keeping fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly with the shipping (and that we didn’t forget anything important). We’ll meet the shipping container down in San Diego and set everything up on the R/V New Horizon next Monday. Here are some pictures of all our stuff:

We have six of these wire crates full of supplies…

…plus a 2.5-mile spool of cable (hidden behind the wire crates in the next pictures), 8 large tanks of helium (the orange things), and 6 person-sized drifter buoys (not shown). That might not seem like much, but it’s enough to basically fill a whole shipping container. And it’s heavy too, so loading/unloading takes a forklift and is quite a chore.

Moral of the story, we have a lot of stuff. And it’s hard to get at once it’s in the container…

– Mike