Mike At Sea

Does this post look funny?


Like most Americans, I am addicted to the internet. When it craps out at my apartment, I can usually only go about 10 minutes before I am back at my computer trying to get back online. That’s why one of the biggest inconveniences of being at sea for three weeks will be the lack of high-speed broadband internet. You can imagine that not having all of human knowledge at your fingertips is also a huge annoyance for research-related tasks.

It’s not all bad, though, because we do have periodic email access. What that means for this blog is that I will be sending in all my posts from sea through WordPress’s “post by email” feature. Which is exactly what I am attempting with this post. If you can see this message, it worked. At the lab, we are doing a lot of similar “dry runs” to be sure all instruments are logging correctly, we have all the necessary cables, and all software is working.

It’s a good idea to test all the functionality that we will need to use at sea. For example, does this picture of Joe working hard while I sit around and take pictures show up correctly?

That’s all for now. Hope this works!

– Mike