The cast of characters

This experiment is a huge effort, with plenty of work to go around.  I’ll just give an introduction to some of the recurring names that you’ll be hearing a lot about.  There will be more to come as we meet with the crew and technicians onboard the R/V New Horizon.

Credit to Heather Dillon Photography.

Jim Thomson: My advisor, and lead scientist on the ship.  At home talking science with professor and students or talking shop with the techs.  Jim came to UW Applied Physics Lab in 2006 after completing a Ph.D. at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  He has a joint appointment with the Civil and Environmental Engineering department.

Credit to Heather Dillon Photography.






Joe Talbert: Field engineer.  Joe and Alex (see below) basically keep the lab up and running.  They designed and built most of what we will deploy on this trip.  Joe joined the lab in 2009 after working for Outward Bound.








Alex De Klerk: Field engineer.  In addition to their usefulness around the lab, Joe and Alex provide much needed expertise and manpower during the experiments.  Alex worked part time at the lab starting in 2007 while attending UW for materials science and engineering, and joined full-time after graduating in 2010.



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